Hello and welcome to my page

my name  is Jared King, born march 27 1991 in Wellington New Zealand. i am a music student studying at Whitiireia Porirua, in my final year of a BAppA in Music. iahve studyed music for several years and i have loved groove based music my entire musical life.

the key component of this year is a Body of work, and along with it a comprehensive list of resources explored. i plan on using this blog as a scrapbook,k where resources of all mediums can be presented and shared.

my body of work is on Funk bass playing. At this point it is difficult to strictly define due to the vastness of the genre. funk was the origin of the slap style of bass playing, and numerous other virtuoso/masterful techniques. i believe by studying the genre and the context that funk music was created in (black american society) i will be able to develop a thoughtful funk style that will show through in my other play ie soloing.

by looking at a number of artists, i believe i will cover the Bass’ics of funk bass and hopefully begin to discover what i might be able to create funkily.

Rocco, Larry, Stanley, Marcus, Bootsy and Juan will be my initial exploration points. each of these players offer an element of playing that will be critical to my development. beyond looking at these artists i will look into the bands they were in, the other bassist that played in those bands, and the “sound” of the artist as a whole.

the hardest bit of this year(that i anticipate) is going to be maintaining  momentum. i am someone who often finds themselves lost, and with such a significant project to accomplish i cannot allow that to happen this year. i will be using this blog to also post information on positive thinking and positive habit-forming activities.

this is not to say that my interests stop at funk bass at all. i am also very interested/fascinated by the tech side of bases( the workman ship in the actual instrument) and have worked on some custom instruments.

i also enjoy swimming and going to the gym, these two things help me relax and are a good way to train my body to function in the real world, not just on the band stand. i teach swimming to support myself though my studies, to prepare myself for teaching at schools in later years, and just for the general fulfillment that it offers. the opportunity to teach a skill i know in and out from the absolute beginings is very fascinating, as it helps ground me and remind me that everything i hoped to acomplish in the water i managed too. so i should be able to again with music.

please take the time to view and comment on the material that i post here. any support in any way is appreciated i hope you enjoy the slight insight to the inner workings of my mind.

“happiness is not a destination, it is a way of travelling”


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