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lets see how this all works

this blog thing is so foreign to me. i think I’m scared to excist as page on the interweb.

rather then re inventing the wheel however, I’m just going to approach it how i approach playing bass; copy the best.


Though perhaps not an artist’s blog, this article written by Flea (Bass player for the red hot chilli peppers and a key musical idol of mine) about the Tesla Roadster was very interesting.

Flea believes in harnessing new technology to enrich our lives. This same belief shows in his musicianship, as he uses basses made of new materials (carbon fibre, synthetic woods) and his pioneering and popularization of Funk rock/ Funk metal genres.

I found it curious that he is a contributor to this blog (though perhaps an encouraged one).


I actually really like Victor’s blog. Having already read his book I’m aware of his values and philosophy around music. This blog includes nothing like that, it has his tour dates on it. I guess if you know who he is like I do (which I don’t) or are as inspired by him as I am, all you really want to do is see him play.


I have been searching for Tal Wilkenfeld’s blog for a long time, and having not found it I did find an article on her posted to this blog.

It serves as an arena to comment on live music and the big players in the music scene today. The article on Tal was interesting and the point of view of the writer is to celebrate the prowess of up and comers. however as Tal happens to be a prodigy (not just an up and comer, shes all ready played with some of the most massive names in music) the title “goddess of bass” doesn’t leave her a lot of room to grow, perhaps someone is just a little overwhelmed =)


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