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Fast and Loose is it?

Perhaps not, perhaps legit is good. perhaps there’s no perhaps about it. Thats enough of that.

like i said i like to do it right. and as my name is on the line i think i should only do it right when it comes to music, and settle for nothing less.

What makes an Effective Band Manager?

This article didn’t contain a lot of info I didn’t already know, however it serves as a lovely refresher. I’m pleased that it stressed the need of ethical and fair behavior from anybody that holds a “manager” position and how the consequences of an unethical/over aggressive management behavior can have serious implications for the band members and their reputation as a band.

As I plan on managing my own covers project after leaving Whitireia I feel it is vital to understand what is expected of a professional.

How to Encourage Accountability

I enjoyed reading this article. As I will be the musical director of my funk band I need to be sure that the musicians I work with are not just capable and willing, but are also accountable and developing this trait.

Like resilience and confidence, accountability comes from being accountable. This info should help me to encourage accountability, and to also further develop my own.

How to Play Funky Bass

This serves as a written version of Bootsy Collins Funk lesson 101. It also includes all the side notes and script to Bootsy’s performance in this video (the video needed to be short and sharp, not time spent talking about metronomes or tempos). I plan on utilizing this in my practice routine. bootsy version


How to be a pro bassist video collection

These videos are great. They draw attention to differences between cowboys (for want of a better word) and professional bass players. Even things like string changing can make the difference between getting the gig or not.

These sound tips are choice. Tone and meshing of tones is going to be a necessary element that I will need to be aware of when rehearsing my band. It will also contribute to the overall groove of the performance and therefore the excitement of the show.

It mentions (and rightly so) that bassist have often relied on the sound engineer too much, and neglect to realise that this is a two way street. We have to be aware of how each venue and room is a physically different space made from difference materials.  These aspects will affect our tone, the ‘throw’ of an amp and the possibly the overall enjoyment of an audience.

I found this to be an excellent resource however it is not a free one so my enjoyment of it was limited. It costs for a reason as the material is of a high standard and the attention to detail is of a high degree. I can see how this would be a cost effective teaching method and certainly and easy way to develop ones bass skills without a tutor (multi-instrumentalists would be a key audience of this approach) however I wouldn’t doubt that there’s an amount of plagiarization/reverse engineering that must occur


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